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Quarantine is boring. So let’s make it fun by talking about origami! This time rather than folding a model, let’s get to know the amazing artist and designer behind the artworks.


Join us on the live conversations with origami artists where they share and talk about their personal journey, stories, and sometimes unconventional ideas about origami.

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Sunday, Jul 12

10:00 am PDT  | 1:00 pm EDT  | 5:00 pm  GMT

Robby Kraft Avatar02.png

Brooklyn-based polymath Robby Kraft currently teaches coding to artists and designers at Parsons, NYU, and the School for Poetic Computation.

During the session Robby will share his thoughts and approach to origami design. This includes tools he uses, fabrication machines, and how code is used in design. Robby will broadcast from his bedroom studio in Brooklyn where paper-preparation, fabrication, folding, coding, and photography all take place. We can look through notebooks, sift through boxes of failed experiments and curved creases, and converse about the limitations of origami.

Saturday, Jul 18

10:00 am PDT  | 1:00 pm EDT  | 5:00 pm  GMT

Kate lukasheva Avatar.png

Ekaterina Lukasheva has a passion for mathematics and art. These two passions give birth to the art she creates. Her geometric tessellations are created from flat sheets of paper, incarnating the transformation of flat and plain surface to complex and structured object.

In this session Kate We will talk about inspiration and approaches to origami design. We will also get a chance to look into the artist's studio

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Kamikyodai (Ricardo Hinojosa) is an artist from Monterrey, Mexico. He is interested in patterns and spatial forms. On a hunch he went to Spain to learn about Islamic Patterns and found enormous opportunity as he perfected the ability to transform traditional geometrical construction instructions into lines on paper.

Event ended on Jul, 4

Ben Parker is a Connecticut-based origami artist who focuses on geometric explorations, mostly pleat patterns and corrugations. 

Ben will go over various aspects of his art career, the way he works, and how he gets art shows. He will also show some of the things he's experimented with, and several projects that are in the works currently

Event ended on Jun, 28

Cristian is a 31 years old artist from a minuscule town in Romania. He does not have any formal training in art, but have always had an inclination towards expressin himself creatively. This led him to start a very personal project in 2015 to deal with his then depression in a constructive and creative way. In this session he will talk to us about his personal journey and thousands of cranse he made.

Event ended on Jun, 20

Robert J. Lang has been folding origami for over 50 years and is now recognized as one of the world’s leading masters of the art, with over 800 designs. He is noted for designs of great detail and realism. His work combines aspects of the Western school of mathematical origami design with the Eastern emphasis upon line and form to yield work that is distinctive, elegant, and challenging to fold. 

Event ended on Jun, 14


Evan will explain the process involved in creating origami tutorials from start to finish. He will discuss the benefits and challenges of teaching origami online, as well as the lessons he has learned in doing so for the past 12 years. He will also give some insight into his design process by sharing some of his original fractal, spiral, and recursive designs.

Event ended on Jun, 7


Joseph talks about lessons and experiences gained while doing origami for over 45 years. We are going to chat with Joseph about doing commercial origami works, origami as fine art and the personal journey of battling ADHD and depression with origami. A look inside the life of yet another origami "character".

Event ended on Sunday, May 31

Noah Deledda creates something unique out of an ordinary object. We are going to talk with Noah about his unique style of art, How he patiently goes through a process of scratching, denting and creasing aluminum cans with his thumbs. Noah also gives us a real-time live demonstration on how he makes his amazing artworks.

Event ended on Sunday, May 24

Beth has been folding origami since she was 8 years old, and began designing her own models in 2010. She likes to design figurative models with a geometric, sculptural aesthetic.

Beth is going to show us her amazing studio, Talk about her approach in design while showing us some of her sketches in origami, and the techniques and designs she is working on.

Event ended on Sunday, May 17

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